Cross-section of residential house. 3D image.

Full-Service DESIGN

This is our most comprehensive design service and it includes guiding, managing and installing your project from start to finish. Along the way, we’ll provide clear communications on budgets, timelines and design concepts.

Our services include:

  • – Space Planning
  • – Furniture, Accessory and Art Selections
  • – Custom Window Treatments
  • – Furniture Design and Production
  • – Purchasing, Procurement and Installation


Our consulting services are customizable and we work hard to fit within each client’s budget and project needs.

  • – Meet (tour room, define needs, explain project)
  • – Design (design plan, floor plan, color scheme)
  • – Shop (source and buy)
  • – Arrange (move furniture, paint, install fixtures, etc)
  • – Finish (final touches, styling)

Online consultation

Online consultation includes a room moodboard with sources for furniture and accessories, tips on creating a color palette, ideas for repurposing items and a written explanation of how to implement the plan. Then you can go to the shops and install everything at your own pace!

Decorating a rental property

We can help you decorate a property to meet the needs of the tenants or guests, because the environment you provide will make a difference to your renter’s comfort or your guest’s holiday experience.

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